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The Real Estate adventures of CAPTAIN VANCOUVER
  • Barb Wire, Journalist



    Barb Wire is a Journalist with the daily hashtag located in the Marine Building in the Metropolis of Vancouver. She covers all the news about Real Estate in the Metropolis. Most of her reporting centers around topics about the house and home but since the Real Estate boom, Barb has been investigating shady real estate practices in the Metropolis. This has seen her get into some tight squeezes with the Villains of Real Estate. Still she always manages to get out of predicaments just in time ... but maybe that's because Captain Vancouver always seems to be just around the corner. Lately she's been doing an investigative report on who Captain Vancouver is. Is she closer to finding out who this mysterious real estate superhero is? Maybe she already knows but isn't saying ...     Back to the 'Power of R'

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