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The Real Estate adventures of CAPTAIN VANCOUVER
  • The Double'ender REALTOR Team



    Double your trouble! The Double'enders are highly intelligent, emotionless real estate machines. The brothers are managed by 'Mother' ... family matriarch and cunning Real Estate broker. Mother can only be reached by iPad ... in fact no one knows where Mother really lives or if she even lives in the Metropolis. Perhaps she lives overseas? After all the only sighting of her over the past couple of years has been on digital bus stop bench ads around town and her house remains vacant. What is clear is that Mother has other objectives for her little family Real Estate Team and its NOT to get the best deal for their clients. It's to make the most of a Real Estate deal by getting double the commission from both the seller and buyer otherwise known as dual representation. This is why the brothers are called the Double'ender team. No one really knows how they do it but some think that it happens at open houses and that they possibly use scent marketing to lure real estate buyers and sellers in. Some even say that the brothers are in cahoots with Mary Wanna, perpetual protestor and purveyor of potent plants. Villains or just savvy Realtors? You be the judge...     Back to the 'Power of R'

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