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The Real Estate adventures of CAPTAIN VANCOUVER
  • Gassy Jack, REALTOR



    His moto is 'I'm working for my next vacation!' Jack has been a Realtor for a long time … too long in fact. Jack holds on to the old ways of selling homes and doesn't particularly like how the industry has embraced technology. The internet is over-rated, he says. Jack is entirely ineffective as a Realtor because he continues to use old 'outdated' methods to sell homes. Mostly he relies on bus stop bench ads and when he feels the pinch from the competition he usually tells prospective homeowners I've never heard of that Realtor…so they can't be good! You can't trust them...they must be part time! Use me instead! When that fails to work he releases a patented noxious substance to numb prospective buyers into submission. Lately, Jack has been feeling the pressure of increased competition. His lack of technology is getting the better of him and he realizes that things aren't quite like it used to be because there are now thousands of Realtors in the Metropolis and he can't put them all down behind their backs can he! What's a lazy unscrupulous Realtor to do? There's only good and evil in Jacks case. Can Captain Vancouver talk him into mending his evil Realtor ways or will he align himself with the likes of the Shadow Flipper…     Back to the 'Power of R'

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