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The Real Estate adventures of CAPTAIN VANCOUVER
  • Magnitude 8 (Dr. Ubsee, PhD)



    Dr. Ubsee was a Professor at UBC in Earthquake Engineering Research and well-respected structural engineer for the Metropolis of Vancouver … that is until 'the accident'. He was experimenting in his top secret lab at UBC with an earthquake machine he created, when the machine produced an earthquake over magnitude 8. The earthquake machine created a crack in the floor which swallowed up Dr. Ubsee. It took a team 3 days to find him and when he reappeared he was entirely different. It didn't help that large bricks and shards of glass became encased onto his body. The 'accident' left Dr. Ubsee a human wrecking ball now known as Magnitude 8 who takes out his anger by tearing down the most beautiful of heritage homes in the Metropolis of Vancouver. Some wonder if Magnitude 8 is being set up by developers to do their dirty work. Still despite his out of control rage, Magnitude 8 is surprisingly ethical and follows a strict Code of Honour that includes no hurting of women, children, or pets when he destroys a house - anything else is fair game - especially Mortal Realtors and Heritage advocates.     Back to the 'Power of R'

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