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The Real Estate adventures of CAPTAIN VANCOUVER
  • The One'der REALTOR Team



    They tell everyone that they are #1 … in fact they can't really stop singing their own praises especially on the back of Transit buses. Like a broken record, the One'ders sing their moto 'we're number one'...over and over, to the point that they now actually believe that they are the number #1 Realtor team in the Metropolis of Vancouver. Their signs, bus signs and bus stop bench ads are littered with their custom #1 logo. The One'ders also give themselves awards just for doing their jobs. Their #1 moto worked for a while, but now with all the Real Estate turmoil in the Metropolis, people are asking if the One'ders are really as special as they claim to be and if they really live up to their promise as the #1 Realtor team?     Back to the 'Power of R'

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