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The Real Estate adventures of CAPTAIN VANCOUVER
  • The Undercutter, REALTOR (Low Commission Realtor)



    A killing machine, the 'Under cutter' is a low commission Realtor and part time-ice cream truck driver. He can be seen driving around neighbourhoods in the Metropolis of Vancouver selling frozen goodies from windowless van that he uses as a cover to case for homes and their unsuspecting homeowners. Homeowners who are caught off guard and are vulnerable to listing their home after he plies them with ice cream on a tranquil warm summers night. You think he's just making small talk but that's not really what he's doing. Those who live near the West End are particularly vulnerable. Poor unsuspecting homeowners think they have a good deal with the 'Under cutter', after all he is going to cut and slash their commission. That's not all he cuts and slashes though. Beware of the 'Under cutter'…unless you don't mind a bit of torture.     Back to the 'Power of R'

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